Client: Chef Works Inc

I worked with : a Digital Strategist from the E Com team

Case Study: Persona Development

Research, interviews and data analytics combined to identify customer personas and mapping their journey thru department touch-points in the company

The goal of this project was multi-faceted: Develop a system to identify and track our customers based on collective behavior patterns. Remove defects and improve customer experience in each touch-point.

This company is a manufacturer with many channels for incoming orders from different sizes of business and individual customers. There are also many sources of orders that involve specific types of customers. 


Study - Analyze - Respond



 Interview Sales, Marketing, E commerce, Customer Service. 



Identify all order sources and orders for B2B and B2C



Segment all incoming orders by emergent patterns of behavior.



Articulate journeys and areas for improvement along all touchpoints


To learn more about our customers, I started with data


Google Analytics

Path and revenue, time on page, bounce rate, goal completion, products sold, regional data



Order behavior attributes like last order date, average order value or order source


Persona creation

Aggregate and sort hundreds of user behaviors and attributes against universal attributes. In this case:
Avg. Order Count and Avg. Order Value


Persona CF = {$500+ & 5+ orders}/ year

Persona calculation produced 9 distinct profiles based on unique one time pairings between two sets of attributes 


Interviews gave us insight into the user experience and customer pain points. 



We discovered what the average customer lifecycle was and important information like including attrition rates, pain points and reasons for leaving.


Product Development

We realized how closely Product Development worked with our customers-mostly taking over post sales service.


Customer Service

Customers were accustomed to speaking with Sales and not Customer Service when needing support.

Persona map

We soon realized after many iterations of journey mapping and data analysis that we needed to show more dimensions such as multiple order sources, and 9 different Persona paths. So I created a new hybrid "blueprint/service/persona journey map"


The final product was a new kind of map illustrating the 9 Personas Development process, diagramming their journeys through their lifecycles with 4 different order sources, displaying persona characteristics and areas for improvement for each one.

With this information we were able to better understand our customers and provide more valuable and personalized service.

Design service

Concept to  design for a new modern app or website. Let's talk. 

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