Case Study: Volt480

Design and  deliver a clickable mobile prototype based on a service web platform

Challenge: Deliver new mobile user journey  for the sales team to demostrate the service at a tradeshow.

First, I met with the  CEO and Product Manager to understand the purpose of the app and simplify user journeys, so I could begin wireframing the main flows .


After studying the process, I decided to I use a tabbed sticky menu with a progress bar as a visual signal. This let the user know exactly where they were in the multi-step process.

Iterative process

With main steps established I began experimenting with streamlining process, adding feedback, and signifiers  


Once I verified the UX, I updated the UI layer in Marvel and then created the Zeplin project to communicate specs with the devs.

My contributions to the project


I delivered a Marvel prototype along with a Zeplin project with final UI within 2 weeks. VOLT480 was able to successfully demonstrate there product on a mobile device at the industry tradeshow that weekend.

Design service

Concept to  prototype for a new modern app or website. Let's talk. 

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