Case Study: Vinder

Lessons from making a native mobile app based on an existing web based marketplace.

The mission of the Vinder team is to enable communities to buy and sell their produce in their surrounding neighborhoods. The ability to share local food helps people to connect more deeply with their community.

The Vinder marketplace connects home growers who have an abundant garden with community members looking for local produce. This creates a transparent agricultural system that informs consumers about who's growing their food, how it's being grown, and where. Vinder makes it easy to buy ultra local food, boost your community's economy, and promote sustainable agriculture. 


 I was tasked to plan and design a new mobile marketplace

Vinder has two types of users


Neighbor who needs a fast, reliable source of quality produce for their families, that is easy and convenient.

Growers/ Sellers

Neighbor  who has too much produce, and has thought about selling or sharing some.

We focused on both users and their  journeys, ran weekly iterative, incremental work meetings and  applied user research.
One method was to host a dinner with team members, stakeholders, and existing Vinder users.

It soon became clear that the context of use for the Veggie Vinder marketplace is very different on mobile. People are likely to visit the Vinder app on their phones a few times a day, but transactions are short and more deliberate; users will crave the peace of mind of a quickly executed transaction with feedback and appropriate signifiers.
Furthermore, we heard that the current registration process was confusing and slowing the adoption process. To address this, we added a stepped registration process based on what the user was there to do. By doing this, folks can explore the marketplace after a quick onboarding and then provide more information if they decide to become a seller. 
multi step menu

Our goal was to help people discover what they could do right away. We set out to address this by creating 5 tabbed navigation. People can start or resume their most important workflows immediately upon launching the app.

My contributions to the project



Elegant, minimalist native app running on iOS and Android with a steadily growing user-base. This app helped people start and grow their own small businesses across the US, also gaining users overseas.

Design service

Concept to  design for a new modern app or website. Let's talk. 

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