Client: Confidential

I worked with 2 people : CEO and CTO

Case Study: CRM + Automations

2 weeks design sprint for mobile friendly MVP - Desktop CRM SaaS app.

Create best practice UX and custom glass-morphic UI for a complex 5 flow desktop application with  a comprehensive flow map... in 2 weeks!

wireframe mobile- AH
wireframe detail -mobile AH
For this challenge, I used a hybrid UX and UI iterative design approach, adding novel interactions by using available component libraries and building custom vector components in Figma.
Wireframe UX CRM add New Lead

As scope of the product quickly changed from a few useable mobile  flows into a full blown desktop app with 7+ main menu user action flows, I was prepared to produce the most and best informed work in the least amount of time. We interviewed and watched different user types as they encountered and walked through the design.

The complex User Experience and Visual Layers evolved side by side as we reviewed and made changes every day - adding new features along the way. At the end of day four, my glass-morphic UI began to take shape.

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